A Natural Living: Thai Steamed Fish Cupcake

Content1Yes! It’s a cupcake and it is savory. Steamed fish cupcake is light and fluffy in texture, with an explosion of spicy curry aroma to match. Many describe its texture as similar to a soufflé, which makes sense because the preparation method is very similar to making cakes. The cupcake is later steamed and in the process, infused with banana leaf aroma. In this post, I will feature how to make banana leaf cups from natural materials. Continue reading “A Natural Living: Thai Steamed Fish Cupcake”


Praew’s ingredient highlight – Meet noni plants


Believe it or not, there is a popular and old school club in the world of consumer vegetables. Having hobbies in botany and cooking, I love using herbs, spices and old school local vegetables in my daily food. That’s why I decided to make a tribute to many of healthy (mostly plant) ingredients that shape my way of living and eating. In this section, I will bring you a story of some of the less-known local ingredients, their tastes and ways to incorporate them in our daily life and cooking. Our ingredient highlight today is noni, or scientically known as morinda citrifolia. It is native to Southeast Asia and parts of Australia and New Zealand. Continue reading “Praew’s ingredient highlight – Meet noni plants”

Homemade Thai Red Curry Paste

Content1Curry paste is truly a cultural heritage as for its culinary contributions and health benefits. This antioxidant cocktail is packed with herbs and spices that hold various medicinal properties, ranging from anti-inflammatory, aiding digestion to fending cough and colds. In Thai cuisine, it is the use of fresh herbs that is what setting Thai curry culture apart. This gives Thai curries a fresh and gentle aroma and a paste-like texture. Continue reading “Homemade Thai Red Curry Paste”

Naturally Pink Pickled Gingers

Content4This aromatic and sour condiment is great at contrasting with strong smell and fatty food. That is why it is served on a side of a raw fish sushi or fatty dishes such as Chinese roasted duck. Thanks to its appetizing pink color, pickled ginger is by far one of the most eye-catching condiments on any supermarket shelves. While the color might be tempting, artificial coloring is commonly used in commercial ones. In this post, I will share with you a natural method of making this healthy condiment. Continue reading “Naturally Pink Pickled Gingers”

Salted Egg with Steamed Minced Pork Dim Sum

Content1Going to a dim sum restaurant has always been full of surprises for me ever since my childhood. The first time I heard; “Live is like a box of chocolate”, the famous quote from the movie Forest Gump. I remember thinking to myself; “ah…yes, it’s like going to a dim sum restaurant”. You will never know what to expect before the steamer lid is opened. There are so many possibilities to this small steamed dish.
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Salted Egg Infused with Pandan Leaves



Feature imageAlluring qualities of a salted egg is its bright orange yolk and rich creamy flavor. Once those qualities are coordinated with a mild sweet fragrant of pandan leaves, it is very irresistible. Salting eggs is an aged-old method of food preservation, originated in China. This recipe, I added a Southeast Asian twist with a touch of pandan leaves. This method infuses the already creamy and salty yolk with fragrant of one of Southeast Asian signature ingredient.

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