Healthy miso ground pork with somen noodle

This version of miso ground pork with somen noodle is more of a salad than a noodle dish. I sometime reduce the noodles and put more shredded cabbage to make it feels a little crunchier and more like salad. To make the taste even lighter and more balance, I add some tomato wedges to help balancing the greasiness and saltiness of the miso ground pork. Continue reading “Healthy miso ground pork with somen noodle”

Simmered salmon in soy sauce

Rich and soft salmon that almost melts in your mouth, together with flavorful simmered daikon radish which soaked up sweet and savory taste of soy sauce broth… only writing about it makes me hungry for some. Not only it is warm and hearty, simmered salmon in soy sauce is super simple to make. From what I know, this dish is a staple homemade dish that is very common in any Japanese households.
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Sprouting the greens: How to grow and cook with microgreens

Colorful and full of vitality, these tiny shoots look like something out from a fairy tale. Microgreen comes in different color and species and is often thought of as pretty garnish. But there are more to micorgreen than a simple garnish. Microgreen does pack an overload nutrient punch, containing around 4-40 times higher in essential … Continue reading Sprouting the greens: How to grow and cook with microgreens

Thai Green Curry Paste

Content1.1There is something mysterious about Thai green curry. What make it green? How does the color affect the taste? In the wild, the color green is probably the easiest color you could find. If you came across my red curry paste post, you will notice that the red of the paste purely comes from dried red chilies. Similar to its cousin, green curry paste relies largely on an ingredient for its iconic green, and that is the green of unripe chilies. Continue reading “Thai Green Curry Paste”